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Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding


1 4 lb. rib roast, large end
4 eggs
2 c. milk
2 c. flour
1 tsp. salt


Place roast, fat side up, in 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x2" pan. Season with salt and pepper. Insert meat thermometer. Roast, uncovered, at 325 degrees till meat thermometer registers 140 for rare (about 21/2 hours); 160 for medium (about 3 hours); and 170 for well done (about 3 1/4 hours). Remove from pan. Cover; keep warm. Reserve 1/4 c. drippings in pan.
Increase oven to 400. In a bowl beat eggs at low speed for 1/2 minute. Add milk; beat 15 seconds. Add flour and salt; beat till smooth, 2 minutes. Pour batter into pan. Bake at 400 about 40 minutes. Cut into squares; serve immediaiely with roast.

Makes 8 Servings

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