Christmas Recipes
This dictionary of culinary terms and food glossary makes it easy to find information on specfic foods, dishes, cooking methods, and recipes. Information is listed by keyword.

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Ice Batha mixture of ice and water used to chill a food or beverage rapidly.
Icinga sweet covering or filling such as buttercream or ganache; used for cakes and pastries; also known as frosting.
Indian Puddinga spicy cornmeal and molasses staple of early American colonists, the pudding varied with each day and according to the condiments available in the cook’s larder.
Infuseto steep herbs and other flavorings in boiling liquid. Coffee and tea are examples, and so is milk steeped with vanilla bean.
Instant Ricefully cooked and flash-frozen rice; when rehydrated, it can lack flavor and be gritty; also known as quick-cooking rice.
Iodized Salttable salt (sodium chloride) containing potassium iodide, a source of the essential nutrient iodine.
Irish Stewa traditional mutton dish made by boiling well-salted and prepared chops with an equal quantity of onions and potatoes. Jalapeñ a short, tapering chile with thick flesh, a moderately hot, green vegetable flavor and a dark green color (a red version is also available; it is a green chili that has been allowed to ripen); available fresh or canned;named for the Mexican city of Jalapa.
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